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9th SINO-Foreign Postgraduate Forum of Finance and Management of Jiangsu University

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Jiangsu University is one of the premiere Chinese University providing academic excellence to its foreign students from around the globe. Between the months of November and December, the University organizes it’s annual Chinese-Foreign Postgraduate academic forum that foster academic relationship between Chinese research students and foreign research students. The forum brings current research works on global and social issues that impact the lives of the society. The academic forum is conducted by the various schools where winners are chosen after an oral presentation and the voting for best poster presentation. An award ceremony is performed on the closing day of the SINO conference to award winners of various schools for their achievements.

The Schools of Management and Finance held their 9thSINO-Foreign Postgraduate Forum on the 18thof November, 2019. The oral and poster presentations were held at the main library complex of Jiangsu University, room 105, at 2pm China time.

Twelve oral presenters were chosen from the pool of applicants who presented their research work for the forum. There were also 52 research posters where 10 will be chosen via voting by participants and spectators as best posters.

The judges for the event were Professor Chen Yingfei from the School of Finance and Economics, Professor Dai Baozhen from the School of Management and Professor Lu Zhangping from the Institute of Scientific and Information Technology.

The Keynote speaker for the event was Professor Liu Guifeng who is currently the Deputy Research Librarian of Jiangsu University and also the Director of Institute of Science and Information Technology of Jiangsu University among other important positions he holds. Professor Liu Guifeng’s speech was on the topic “What will we do in the big data era?”.

After the Keynote address the competition for oral presentation started. The presenters presented their research work to the admiration of the judges and spectators.

After the first six presenters, there was a short break for interaction and voting for the best poster outside the entrance of the conference room.

The second session for the oral presentation started after the break with the rest of the six oral presenters presenting their research work.

It was generally a tough competition for the judges since the presenters exhibited professionalism and academic tenacity in their presentation and answering of questions from the judges.

After the scores were collated, Wang Meng was adjudged the overall winner for the oral presentation with 90 points. Ebenezer Larnyo came second with 89.67 points, Zhang Xuanting and Ou Wenhui came third with 88.67 points, then the fourth position went to Charles Dwumfour Osei with 87.67 points.

The winners for the best posters were Shi Yu, Wisdom Wise Kwabla Pomegbe, Oswin Aganda Anaba, Joseph Owusu-Marfo and Doris Arielle Kachie for the School of Management.

In general, the event was well organized and well attended as well. The participants in both oral and poster really exhibited academic excellence.

A group photograph of the judges and presenters were taken.

The 9thSINO-Foreign Postgraduate forum for The Schools of Management and Finance ended at 5:40 PM China time.

The MCs for the event were Oswin Aganda Anaba from the School of Management and Miss Yu Fan from the Institute of Scientific and Information Technology.

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