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The School Management of Jiangsu University is one of the many faculties in the University investing in high quality tuition and practical works for its local and international students. School of Management is on a mission to nurture and spread the unique Chinese style of management science education.

In every semester, the School of Management organizes series of academic workshops and seminars to sensitize the student body on various ways of studying and coping with academic pressures.

On the 29thof October, 2019, the first academic workshop for Post-graduate was held.

The workshop was held in the Sanjiang Building at 15:00 GMT in room 1519. It was a well-attended forum with over 70 students present.

The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Joseph Marfo, a third year PhD candidate of the School of Management andMr. Courage Simon Kofi Dogbe a second year PhDcandidate also from the School of Management.

The PG leader for the School of Management, Oswin Aganda Anaba welcomed all participants to the workshop and introduced the facilitators for the program.

Mr. Joseph Owusu-Marfo was first to present. He presented on how to create a table of content. This topic was very necessary because a lot of students find it very difficult to create table of content for their final dissertation. Mr. Marfo gave a detailed step by step approach in formatting and creating a table of content easily. He first started with how to break the pages for the various page numbers then when on to discuss how to create chapters and sub-chapters in your dissertation.

The next to present was Mr. Courage Simon Kofi Dogbe. His topic was on how to write, select journals and respond to review comments. This topic was also important because a lot of students especially the fresh intake do not know how to write publishable academic papers and how to locate good journals to send their manuscripts to. Some students do not also know how to answer queries from reviewers. Mr. Dogbe gave a step by step approach in writing a good publishable paper from the introduction to the conclusion. He, however, admonished students that every journal has its own style of presenting their works which is generally called “journal format”. He also outlined the best ways to answer reviewer’s comments that will help your work to be accepted easily.

In general, the workshop was very interactive and successful, with the students asking for more of such workshops. This, they said, will help them improve on their writing skill and know the appropriate methodology to use when writing a paper.

After all the presentations, the Management leader thanked the facilitators making time to share their knowledge PG students. He also thanked the fresh PG students for making time to attend the workshop and promised that more of such academic workshops will be organized in subsequent weeks.



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