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School Management Organizes Preparatory Forum for New PG students for 2019 Autumn Intake

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The School Management of Jiangsu University is one of the many faculties in the University investing in high quality tuition and practical works for its local and international students. School of Management is on a mission to nurture and spread the unique Chinese style of management science education.

In the beginning of every year, the School of Management welcomes its cherished international students by organizing preparatory forums to first welcome fresh students and interact with them by giving them firsthand information on how to be a good and outstanding management student.

This year, on the 18thof October, 2019, the first forum for fresh students for the 2019/2020 academic year was held.

The forum was held in the Sanjiang Building at 15:00 GMT in room 1509. It was a well-attended forum with over 40 students present.

The forum was graced by the deputy director of international education center of Management School, Associate Professor Zhiwen (Owen) LI, Doctor Ade of the Overseas Education College (OEC) and former student of the School of Management and finally, Mr. Ebenezer Larnyo, a final year Management student.

The PG leader for the School of Management, Oswin Aganda Anaba welcomed all dignitaries and students after which he stated the purpose for the gathering.

Prof. Owen welcomed all students to the forum and gave a brief presentation on the School of Management and how to get the Management scholarship. Questions and answers were allowed after Prof. Owen’s presentation.

The next to present was Doctor Ade. He gave a general presentation on the topic “The Do’s and Don’ts” in the Management School. He admonished students to work hard and achieve their purpose of coming to Jiangsu University. He also added that all students must follow the stipulated rules and regulations of the School of Management and the University as a whole or else risk losing their scholarships.

Mr. Ebenezer also gave his lecture on “How to live and study comfortably on campus”. He advised students on how to co-operate with their various supervisors and how to apportion their study plan for a successful academic achievement.

After all the presentations, the Management leader thanked Prof. Owen, Doctor Ade and Mr. Larnyo for making time to share their experiences with the fresh PG students. He also thanked the fresh PG students for making time to attend the forum.

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